PDS (Proximity Detection System) Video Guide

RTLS – TDoA Kit Video Install Guide

Forklift demo with Sewio RTLS platform at JIC120 Event

Find out how our RTLS platform helps to track movement of objects in factory and also help to improve personal safety.

Fleet management system powered by Real time location system

Video shows new 3D concept of software for Fleet Management system developed by Edgecom. Software take advantage of accurate positioning delivered by Sewio. Find out more about RTLS in logistics.

RTLS Kit Plug&Track

Instruction video demonstrating easy installation of new version of RTLS Kit of Sewio. Learn more.

RTLS Kit – Sports Application

Real Time Localization System Demonstration of sport application. Find out more about RTLS in sport.

UWB Two Way Ranging System

Sewio has developed the first Ultra Wide Band packet analyzer based on IEEE 802.15.4-2011. Find out more about UWB Sniffer.

UWB Sniffer

Demonstration of UWB Two Way Ranging system. If you want to try it by yourself, we provide UWB Two Way Ranging Development Kit. Learn more about UWB Two Way Ranging.