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New Software Release 1.4.3 Full Support of 3D Orientation

  New Software Release 1.4.3   Greetings, SEWIO newsletter is this time fully dedicated to the latest features and must-know tools which we made for you in the latest RTLS Studio Software release. What comes with the latest RTLS Studio 1.4.3 Release?  In this extensive release, we reflected the most common user difficulties and worked a lot to make your RTLS deployment and installation easier; whether you are starting with the RTLS kit or are deploying a hundred devices installation. » Full Support of 3D Orientation  The tag IMU is one of the most advanced mobile locators for position tracking. This extraordinary tag enables you to track objects 3D. This enhanced movement tracking is possible thanks to the integration of additional sensors like Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Accelerometer and further RTLS software processing which we developed for RTLS Studio release 1.4.3.             Watch Video demonstrating Tag IMU Rotations in action. We integrated the full support of 3D spatial orientation in the latest RTLS Studio release 1.4.3. Once you update your RTLS Studio you can easily setup your Sensmap 3D upload 3-dimensional models of objects you desire to track. Sensmap 3D enables you to upload also 3D models of rooms and static objects. The 3-dimensional visualization advances your RTLS Solution and opens up new possibilities. How to set up 3D modes in Sensmap? Watch the video tutorial.  What will be next?  Newly integrated sensors and features in development.  Temperature measurement and automatic tag assignment to the floor in high buildings are features we are right now working on. As a first, we had to integrate the pressure and temperature sensors into the Tag IMU. The first part is behind us, Tag IMU is currently capable to provide the raw data stream from thermometer and pressure sensor. » VIDEO TAG IMU  « [...]

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Sewio Newsletter | The New Version of RTLS Studio Software Comes with Sage Analytics

    The New Version of RTLS Studio Software  1.3.2. Comes With Embedded Sage Analytics What Brings You Our New Location Data Analyzing Software? The Sage Analytics is completely new analytic software service opening to new dimension trough analytics estimation of location data. Thanks to the location data analyze the Sage Analytics brings an exact evaluation of the efficiency of processes and the movement in any facility.                  The Sage Analytics is Sewio´s first analytical software. It´s successful accomplishment is our so far biggest step forward regarding analyzing the location data and generating information for the decision-making. What are the key features of the Sage Analytics software? Thanks to the deep location data analyze and its´ interactive graphical visualization all-in well structured customizable dashboard, let the user discover the relevant information about activity, traffic, processes efficiency or vehicles workload and much more. All metrics are measurable across the adjustable time periods, and they are also applicable to many industries and variable application sectors. The Sage Analytics consists of 9 main metrics opening you the complex overview of movement in any facility. The Sage Analytics presents a valuable information giving the power to transform inefficient workflow into smart digital processes, helps to optimize operation, monitor and compare activity trough shifts and mainly to save your operational costs. The Sage Analytics is the extension module for the latest version of RTLS Studio, version 1.3.2. » LEARN MORE «  What Are the Top 10 Essential Upgrades of the New  RTLS Studio Version?  We keep upgrading and improving the RTLS Studio software. The recent release of the RTLS Studio version 1.3.2. is being so far the most comprehensive software change. The new RTLS Studio version brings to the users easier maintenance with smoother anchors setting up, new [...]

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Sewio Newsletter | RTLS Studio SW Release, New Piccolino Tag, Open API 

Content Electronica Messe Munchen: Visit Sewio exhibition at Hall EOE Booth 200 New SW release: Sewio launched RTLS Studio SW Tech news: Open API accessible online Piccolino Tag: New tiny Tag with variants of multipurpose enclosures Startupnight 2016: the biggest event for Startups in Berlin Sewio and Decawave presented together at IPIN 2016 RTLS-TDoA Platform Sewio is presenting at Electronica 2016 in Munich From 08.-11. November 2016 Find us at the World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components and enjoy digitization of movement in real-time. At our booth, we will demonstrate management and operation of our fully scalable RTLS platform. Sewio has been elected as a nominated participant of Fast Forward Platform 2016 and we are part of the Start-up Platform powered by Elektor magazine. Find us at Hall EOE Booth 200   Find more details about Electronica HERE RTLS STUDIO ALREADY AVAILABLE This September Sewio has released RTLS Studio SW bulk, a new tool integrating all SW resources in one place. Convenient and friendly handling of entire platform including: Commissioning and Visualization Monitoring and Access Open API and Documentation Services with Device Care User-friendly organized and intuitive composure contains everything you need for easy and fast deployment and remote maintenance of your RTLS installation. Ready for DEMO? Try RTLS Studio HERE   THE BIGGEST STARTUP EVENT STARTUPNIGHT 2016 IN BERLIN WITH SEWIO 200 Startups, 5 locations, 3 conferences and more than 4000 guests The most trending topics: IoT, Digital Economy and connection between “Old and New” Economy Interesting speeches, enhancing meetings leading to new cooperations Sewio in Berlin raised a new strategic partnership with Sindiko. Sindiko provides a smart geo-tasking tool for effective task planning. Sewio and Sindiko cooperate together to deliver solution [...]

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