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Sewio is provider of HW & SW real-time location platform for busines partners delivering end solution to their customers. We focus on partners with expertise in Industry, Retail and Sport markets.

In addition to UWB RTLS platform, we deliver UWB Proximity Detection system, UWB Sniffer and Open Sniffer for Zigbee based networks.

From the beggining, we design and deliver RTLS platform, which can be used in “plug and track” manner for variety of markets. Our difference? Full personall support during pilot projects and sophisticated real-time monitoring tools allowing 24/7 observation of any installation in any place worldwide. Our business model is rather “partner-based” than “project-based”.

We are team of RF engineers with years of practical experiences in designing low power RF systems including UWB, Zigbee, 6lowPAN, IEEE 802.15.4 MAC, etc. Furthermore our sales representatives and system consultants are experienced in RFID, WiFI and IP network implementation therefore you will get an adequate technical support from any Sewio member.

Yes, besides delivering the  HW & SW platform we offer our customer intesive training in order to fully understand the product features, its installation and maintanance. Training can be realized in Sewio premises or even in facility of our customer.

At the beggining, our partner is provided with detailed technical consultation supported by the online documentation. Then we deliver all the components needed for evaluation of localization platform in premises of our partner. We call such configuration as Kit. During the evaluation period we provide partner with intensive support in order to implement an application on top of our RTLS platform or just to help him to fully understand all the technical aspects required for installation in facility of his customer. Once the partner requires to extend the Kit in order to install it in customer facility, we provide him with demanded number of components together with SW license for RTLS Server. And as mentioned before, we support him during entire business period. Starting from implementation support ending by the maintanance and remote control in any place worldwide.


Most of our products implements UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology from Decawave. The UWB radios is used in Real-time Location System, in Proximity Detection system and also in UWB Sniffer. We are also highly experiences with Zigbee technology. For projects based on Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4 radio we deliver packet analyser called Open Sniffer, which offer lots of unique features for RF developers.

Generally RTLS platform consists by set of active Tags (transmitters) and Anchors (receivers), which transmit data to the server running RTLS Server SW including visualization SW called Sensmap. We offer two types of RTLS. First RTLS TWR is intended mostly for evaluation and demonstration purposes and its benefit is easy installation and even battery operation of most of the components. However RTLS TWR is limited in its scalability and control features. Second type of RTLS is RTLS TDoA which is fully scalable and offers sophisticated remote maintanance and control features integrated in SW called RTLS Manager. RTLS Maager is provided only in RTLS TDoA version.

Our practical experiences and feedbacks from our partners proved that our platform can reach average accuracy about 30 cm if optimal deployment conditions are met. Such optimal conditions present Line-of-Sight between Tags and Anchors, minimun metal parts around the devices and also adequate deployment of the Anchors through the facility.

The battery life of Tags is parametry significantly affected by refresh rate of positioning. For sport applications with requirement of refresh rate of 50 ms the battery life is about 18 days (12 hours operating time). In manufacturing with required refresh rate about 200ms-1000ms the battery life is prolonged at 166 days in average. In retail one can count with 1 year of battery life since requirements for refresh rate for such applications is about 2 seconds. The battery life is also prolonged by using accelerometer switching off all the components when Tag is not moving.

Location data are provided through simple HTTP API using Websockets or Rest interface. Users are provided with highly precise timestamps in miliseconds precision, ID of Tag, [X,Y,Z] coordinates and battery level. Data can be also read directly from MySQL database integrated in RTLS Server.


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