When to use a Presence Detection localization mode?

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Presence Detection localization mode is suitable for use-cases when information about the presence of the Tag in the close distance to the position of the Anchor is sufficient. The output of the Presence Detection (PD) algorithm is the position of the Anchor that is most likely closest to the Tag.

The nearest Anchor is determined based on the received signal strength (RSSI) value. Because RSSI does not provide a consistent behavior, the stability and accuracy of the measurement are considerably affected. For this reason, use of Presence Detection mode for localization has several limitations that need to be taken into account when designing deployment.

In any case, it is necessary to bear in mind that it is not recommended to use Anchors in Presence Detection mode close to Anchors in the True Location mode !

It is strongly recommended to learn more about using Presence Detection mode in the Presence Detection Application Note.