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Project Description

EchoTech is an innovative company located in Latvia that offers advanced IT solutions. EchoTech became a winner of the Vidzeme region “Business Express” contest in 2015 and the winner of the grant programme “TAKE-OFF” for their business idea “EchoSports”. The company is actively working on various IT projects, focusing on object positioning, sensors, but their main focus currently is on deep data analysis platform for sport – EchoSports.

Visit EchoSports website to learn more.

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EchoTech Projects

Floorball Player Performance

Introducing EchoSports,  location data based movement monitoring system for coaches and athletes.

EchoSports is helping to sport teams to become better, head their training effort to the right way and to give to users complex information for perfect understanding to each athlete strengths. This exceptional real-time tracking system renders detailed performance monitoring, movement analytics all in understandable visual form. Coaches and athletes are getting a great tool for their individual approach of modern-day training methods.

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EchoSports in facts:

  • Easy accessibility, cloud-based system
  • Can be used on tablets and desktops
  • Real-time player tracking with performance information dashboard for live broadcasting
  • Improves player and team performance
  • Helps to maximize training efficiency and reducing the risk of athletes injury
  • Identifies the fastest, the most active player, visualizes players appearance with heatmaps
  • Showing graphs based on type of  movement walk, run, sprint
  • Wide applicability to indoor and outdoor sports
  • Approved for testing by the Latvian Floorball Union

EchoSports players performance dashboard

Sewio technology has been integrated into EchoSports platform to provide location data tracking precisely athletes´ movement. To be able to place the tag sensing the physical movement, EchoTech designed wearable accessories enabling safe placing of the mobile locating device to athletes body.  To get maximally precise digitalized movement including 3D orientation, EchoSports uses raw data stream directly from inertial sensors allowed by Tags IMU. This sport application requires capturing micro-movements assured by very high-frequency position refresh rate.

EchoSport is currently used by national championship floorball team RUBENE. This system is being applied to monitor and evaluate players´ performance during training and matches. For players performance presentation EchoSport uses interactive dashboards showing variable statistics like total distance run, a frequency of appearance in form of heatmaps, it also identifies the fastest acceleration and players activity. The EchoSports enables to create players comparison in the team as well as across competing teams.

EchoTech currently focuses on team sports especially indoor sports as floorball, ice hockey and basketball.

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Do you want to know how precise location data works for sport?

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