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Piccolino Tag is one of smallest UWB Tag on the market. Tag is powered from a coin battery and configurable through RTLS Manager software. Piccolino Tag is equipped with DecaWave radio module with an integrated ceramic antenna. It supports six channels and three communication speeds 110/850/6800 kbit/s. The Tag also features an accelerometer for movement detection in order to prolong battery lifetime.

Key features:

  • Compliant with UWB PHY IEEE 802.15.4a
  • DecaWave UWB Radio, 6 channels, 3-7GHz
  • Driven by Ultra Low Power ARM EFM32G M3
  • Configuration Wirelessly via RTLS Manager
  • User LED indication
  • Accelerometer (MMA8543)
  • Battery life: years
  • Lead time: 6 weeks

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Tag Piccolino Factsheet v1.2

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