Start to locate and track indoor with fully scalable RTLS Kit


RTLS TDoA Kit brings all you need to start build your smart project requiring precise real-time location data and accurate indoor positioning. The RTLS TDoA Kit is combining Ultra Wideband radio technology based on Decawave module, sophisticated RTLS Studio software together with Sage RTLS Analytic.

You will be ready to locate and track wirelessly 4 objects at 400 m2 area within 1 hour initial setup time.

Product Description

The Kit is ready to use, one box solution, coming with preconfigured HW components, complete accessories and RTLS Studio Software. The RTLS Studio comes with Full License. The RTLS Studio software is enabling fast deployment, commissioning, wireless configuration, monitoring services as well as demo of Sage Analytics for deep location data analyses.

RTLS Studio SW features:

  • RTLS Manager for reliable system deployment and configuration
  • Geo Fencing feature with built-in trigger capabilities
  • Easy data access through HTTP API
  • Real-time movement visualization in 2D and 3D
  • SAGE Analytics

Key features:

  • Easy Integration
  • Space Scalability
  • Device Scalability

  • Accuracy Scalability
  • Position Update Scalability
  • Lead time: 2 weeks

What is in the box?

  • 5 Anchors v1.4 reliably covering 400 m²
  • 3 Li-ion  Tags (rechargeable Asset Tag)
  • 1 Piccolino Tag (tiny Personal Tag)
  • RTLS Studio SW Full License (stored in USB Flash Drive)
  • SAGE Analytics
  • All plug-and-play accessories
  • Documentation and video tutorial


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RTLS TDoA System Overview v1.0

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