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RTLS in Sport

What about helping stadiums rise up to a whole new level?

When using an RTLS, the coach has a record of the players and their exact movements on the playing field. This innovative technology also brings a number of advantages to the customers of sports and entertainment centers (such as those which provide go-karts or laser games) mainly because the safety and customer experience increases.


Monitoring physical activities in stadiums

RTLS in Sport

RTLS enables you to locate individual players and compare them with each other – for example, you can discover which player runs the most in the game. You can also compare two separate teams, but most importantly you gain an important strategic advantage against your competitors as the coach can use the valuable information to work with the players.

Companies from the eHealth branch can also greatly benefit from an RTLS. They can connect the Sewio receivers to their system in order to monitor the exact overload of the athletes. That way, the coach can check on the health of the players and ensure that they are not overworking themselves.

Making go-karts safer
and more fun

RTLS in Sport

Make your go-kart track more interesting for your customers – enrich it with detailed statistics, such as the exact route of each ride which can be compared to the route of the best participant and the rider can immediately see on which parts of the track he needs to work on.

An RTLS also improves the overall safety. If a go-kart stops dead or collides,  other go-karts in the vicinity automatically slow down, but at the same time the rest of the go-karts which are not endangered are not affected at all.

Making the most out
of a laser game

RTLS in Sport

Why not make the laser game even more fun? While the players enjoy the adrenalin this game brings, you can monitor their movements and at the end of the game show them the results. Based upon this information the players can improve their performance in the future.


Usage of innovative products that your competitors don’t have

Monitor individual players or entire team on the playing field

Improve your go-kart track

Make your games even more fun


The RTLS platform can be delivered in short period of time. In general, the business process works as follows:

  • We talk to our customer to introduce the key features of Sewio RTLS plaform and introduce the pricing policy.
  • Before sending all the RTLS components to satisfy the project needs, we deliver Lite version of RTLS platform to test and evaluate our system. We also offer life demonstration in our premises.
  • To start with Lite version allows a rapid integration with  the product or service of our partners and also to demonstrate our RTLS platform to another customers.
  • During the evaluation period we are in close contact with our customers to provide them with the intensive technical and business support, including sharing marketing materials if needed. Here we deliver all the RTLS components for the final installation.
  • If help with the installation is need we can assist or we may offer some of our partners to provide his services.
  • The RTLS platform is fully operating, satisfying needs of customers and we stay in touch to provide our services and consultation to optimise performance or to assist with next project.


“We were very happy to work with your product, it was very easy to setup and met all our expectations. I have to mention the great support you provided too!”
Xavier Seignard, La BANDE Passante


Please feel free to contact us to discuss the utilisation of RTLS in sport and entertainment  – we will gladly assist you.

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