With minimum cables and coverage about 600 m2, RTLS TWR platform presents perfect solution for fast demonstration and integration.

Key Features

  • Fast Setup

  • Distance Based Locationing

  • Coverage 600 m2

  • Battery Life in Days

  • RTLS TWR Kit Available

Fast Setup

RTLS TWR platform uses minimum cables therefore setup is very straighforward and fast. Furthermore the Anchors may be powered from battery packs, it simplifies the installation even more. The RTLS Server SW is running at Raspbery Pi as automated service without any setup. Also Virtual Box image is prepared for clients to start with the evaluation. Visualization of estimated position is done by Sensmap SW, which is delivered as part of the RTLS Server SW. For more information about visualization click HERE.

Distance Measurement

Location of Tag is calculated using Multilateration function that estimates position based on distances measured between Tag and all the Anchors in the network. To do so, three messages are exchanged between the Tag and individual Anchors, this method is called Two Way Ranging (TWR). Due to significant number of exchanged messages between devices during locationing, the battery of Tag last several days.  More technical information can be found in TWR technical section HERE.

Coverage 600 m2

Coverage of RTLS TWR platform is defined by the communication range of Master Anchor, which serves as gateway gathering measurements from all the Anchors and send them into the RTLS Server. Average area size covered by RTLS TWR platform is 25m x 25m. Despite of any number of the Anchors, the RTLS TWR system operates with only one Master Anchor. Feature of adding more Master Anchors into the system is not available. Read about Master Anchors in our Termininology section HERE.

More technical information? Visit our TWR technology section HERE.