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1.What features Sensmap application offers?

Sensmap Framework is web-based application serving for management of plans and for real-time visualization of movement within the buildings. It allows to manage number of buildings and plans and to check the treking operation over the managed buildings. As framework it allows to track the distances and speed of the monitored Tags within the time frames. Furthermore it allows to replay movement of Tags in history manner as playing movie. 

2.What about licensing?

Sensmap Framework is not part of RTLS Server SW provided with RTLS Platform and its application is not mandatory in order to run system. However it very easily serves for evaluation of RTLS platform performance on-site. Sensmap is licensed with one-shot license for individual projects. 

3.Is it possible to add new features to Sensmap?

Yes, our R&D team is ready to prepare new modules and features on demand. Do you require customized statistical dashboard to present results in special format? Contact us, we are ready to do so.

4.What formats of map/plans I need to upload?

Sensmap supports PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF formats of plans.

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