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Recap presents the selection of projects realized by our partners. You can find short story describing each use case together with partner characteristics including photogallery. The list is filterable and it is continuously updated by new projects. Explore it and find inspiration for your business case.

EchoSports – Floorball Player Performance

How do location data help to improve sports teams performance? Introducing EchoSports, location data based movement monitoring system[...]

Budvar Replaces RFID with UWB


Budweiser Budvar Replaces Passive RFID by Sewio UWB Sewio has proven reliability, precision and applicability into WMS [...]

IBM Watson Summit and IoT by Sewio

IBM Watson Summit Approved How RTLS Suits to Conferences. Sewio Location Platform proving it´s capability to evaluate spatial attractiveness. [...]

Pick-by-Vision System in Skoda Auto


Skoda assembly line is daily supplied by components from extensive logistics supermarket having a capacity thousands of types of car components [...]

Automatic Control of Floor Scrubbers


Croatian researchers and engineers have developed a prototyping module for automatic control of floor scrubbers. Prototyping module financed by Faculty [...]

Music Controlled by Movement Detection

Le Bande Passante is French artistic group dedicated to music. Their innovative project in form of music labyrinth was realized in 2015 [...]

Tracking Shopping Carts in Germany

Grottini Lab is specialized to measuring products attractivity based on the allocation in the shelf and related products display layout [...]

INTEMAC Research Center for Industry 4.0


INTEMAC research center is established to form a fundamental production entity of Industry 4.0 revolution [...]

Forklift Fleet Management by EDGECOM

EDGECOM is Slovakian based company delivering sophisticated simulations and training solutions, based on virtual reality for logistics operations [...]

Vision Picking Trought Smart Glases

GetVu is a solutions provider on a mission to drive innovation through the rapidly emerging technologies of augmented reality and wearable devices [...]

PwC Innovation Studio Integrated RTLS

In 2016, PwC has initiated new specific services orientated to innovations and new technology trends consultancy [...]


JIC STARCUBE is an international accelerator for startups with innovative technological ideas which are dedicated to [...]

Sports Hall in Lyon


In the company LOGinCASE, they integrated RTLS Platform by Sewio to gain digitalized location data of entire sports teams. [...]

BALUO Sports Application Center


AC BALUO – Bases of Application Life Utilities Olomouc is one of the most advanced diagnostic and performance centers in Central Europe [...]