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Embedded Engineer
(for experienced developers)

Have you heard about us?

We are Sewio and we develop our own product because we enjoy helping customers track objects they need. You name it, we can track it: cars, forklifts, sports players, pallets with beers or cows and much more. Amongst our best-known customers are Budvar, VW, Skoda Auto or Cisco. The product itself is a combination of hardware and software and is now being used in 37 countries all around the world. Last year we earned 1,5 mil. USD for our products.

At the moment it’s 25 of us in Brno and we are an enthusiastic and friendly bunch.

What will you do?

You will be in charge of the core parts of our platform development. Our CTO will give you the right directions where the development should be heading. Then you will closely cooperate with our hardware and software engineers on new features development.

We have learned a lot from our existing customers and we know what would bring them the value. The only thing we miss is somebody that will help us to deliver it.

What skills will you need?

We want someone who would push the technology to its limits because we need to grasp the world in nanoseconds resolution. That would not be possible without experiences and strong proficiency in embedded software development in C. And also without the enthusiasm, drive and will to move the products forward together. 

Besides that we would love you to have some of the have following experiences: 

  • ARM M4 architecture 
  • TCP/IP stack 
  • RTOS 
    • Threading and concurrency issues 
    • Memory management, bootloader 
    • I/O busses like I2C, SPI 
    • Flash storage and firmware upgrade 
  • Source code analysis 
  • Continuous Integration 
  • Python scripting 
  • Assembly programming for ARM 
  • Embedded Linux development 

What it means to be part of our team?

  • Sharing a success story of an innovative digitization company
  • Learning new skills in both hardware and software technology field
  • Influencing where the product is heading, because the team sets our mission and vision
  • A diverse bunch of colleagues from companies such as Honeywell, Oracle, Y Soft and Kentico
  • Apply your inventions on global market with clients and partners such as Cisco, TPCA, VW, Pirelli, and others 
  • Being part of an innovative Industry 4.0, SmartFactory and sports analytics projects
  • Easy-to-reach offices in Technology Park
  • Traveling abroad to meet our clients
  • Flexible working hours
  • Meal vouchers
  • Team breakfast every month

Let’s have a coffee!

Do you feel we might be what you are looking for? Let’s have a chat! We don’t enjoy interviews, but we enjoy conversations. We don’t ask tricky questions (“If you were a bicycle part, which part of the bicycle would you be?”) or use any psychological tests…

Come and visit us in JIC in Brno or send us an email and let’s have a chat!

Or send us an email with your CV attached or simply a link to your LinkedIn profile.