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We have served numerous clients in more than 40 countries worldwide

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Roman Janovic
Regional Partner Sales Manager,

“Sewio is one of the most enthusiastic and agile companies I’ve been working with in the IoT space. Our cooperation with Sewio proved their engineering competence and prompt response times. They are a trustworthy partner with deep knowledge and understanding of location technologies. We believe that our cooperation will create important mutual synergies in the IoT space.”


Michal Cabela
Head of Cyber security team,

“We have installed the locating system from Sewio in our Customer Experience Centre to use during client events. Precision of the system is on spot. We have also implemented this system at our clients. Sewio were able to quickly address all of our requirements and the support provided for their services is really at a world-class level. We appreciate also the Sewio additional services and products that helps us to increase the added value our consulting services. We are a proud partner of Sewio!”

Roman Pekar
Coordinator of logistics strategy,
Škoda Auto

“We realized a project Pick-by-Vision consisting of the implementation of augmented reality via smart glasses in order to optimize picking process in the Škoda intralogistics center.  For the navigation purposes, we integrated location platform powered by Sewio. The key benefits of Sewio platform are mostly the easy installation and adaptive application.”

Georgios Karachos
Managing Director,

“The practical deployment of the new RTLS WiFi Kit convinced us quite quickly. With its hybrid functionality and easy setup, the WiFi Kit offers great benefits for a lot of usecases we see in our projects. That is why we in QUALIGON decided to to offer this value-added, innovative location technology to our customers and to include in our solutions.”

Sam Liddell
Marketing and Sales Manager,

“After integrating the UWB RTLS with the Locatify Creator CMS, we’re extremely pleased with the support and indoor positioning accuracy provided by Sewio. We look forward to harnessing the technology to develop a new range of innovative applications and are excited to deliver such a level of indoor positioning accuracy to our customers.”

Malcolm Johnston
General Manager,

“I have been testing the RTLS since receiving the demo in early May. So far we have all been impressed with the Sewio platform. The accuracy is excellent and the RTLS Studio is very comprehensive.”

David Prycl
Business Development Manager,

“In AC BALUO we use RTLS by Sewio for localization of athletes during ball games such as basketball or volleyball as the first one in the Czech Republic. We implemented Sewio location platform for monitoring a wide variety of players’ parameters from actual speed to the total distance and more. We can measure efficiency of player’s performance with total accuracy during a training or a match, which is very important data both for coaches and for the athletes.”

Xavier Seignard
Creative Technologist,
La Bande Passante

“We were very happy to work with your product, very easy to setup and metting all our expectations. I have to mention the great support you provided too!”

Santhosh Chandrasekar

“Sewio is making high precision indoor navigation plug and play RTLS solution. Also, the best accuracy we have tested out in the market.”


Mark Guagenti
Principal Software Engineer,

“Partnering with Sewio reduced our development time when creating a Wireshark dissector tool for our wireless protocol, SNAP. Their level of expertise in analyzing and capturing 802.15.4 packets accelerated our time to market, eliminated unexpected complexities and provided our team with a very valuable tool.”


Jacob Collier

Mobile Technologies Inc.

“Sewio developers have implemented Wireshark dissector exactly as we required in a short period of time.”