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SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking
SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking-Anchors
SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking-Tags for Asset Tracking
SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking-Tags for Fleet Tracking
SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking-Tags for People Tracking
SEWIO UWB Real-Time Location System for Indoor Tracking-RTLS Studio
Tags for Asset Tracking
Tags for Fleet Tracking
Tags for People Tracking
RTLS Studio

What is RTLS?

Sewio’s real-time location system (RTLS) based on UWB consists of hardware and software that together form an all-in-one platform serving multiple indoor tracking use cases – ranging from asset tracking and material flow to employee location tracking for safety reasons.

UWB Tags + UWB Anchors + RTLS Studio

Sewio UWB RTLS’s Benefits

The SEWIO RTLS Platform’s Architecture

The main functional blocks of the RTLS Platform are defined by the corresponding platform layers. At the Hardware Layer, data transmitted as UWB signals is generated. The UWB signal from the Hardware Layer is processed by the Location Layer where the position is calculated and filtered. The Data Layer is responsible for location data storage and its representation for further visualization and analysis. At the Service Layer, the RTLS Platform offers tools to control and optimize the system’s performance. The real-time position data and analytics data are provided in the Visualization Layer.

The RTLS Platform’s API is used by multiple apps delivered by Sewio partners and can also be easily leveraged for your own location-driven project or software. The top layer includes software tools that ensure success of your real-time location tracking project – the RTLS Planner and Player.

UWB RTLS Hardware

UWB Tags
Learn More on Tags
UWB Anchors
Learn More on Anchors

UWB RTLS Software

RTLS Manager

RTLS Manager

RTLS Manager allows the easy deployment and configuration of the indoor tracking platform.

RTLS Planner
RTLS Planner

RTLS Planner

RTLS Planner streamlines the project design phase by helping to find the best location and distribution of the anchors and their types to meet superior accuracy while keeping the cost low.

RTLS Monitor

RTLS Monitor

RTLS Monitor gives a complete real-time overview of the system’s performance and the current status of the network, apps and users.

RTLS Player

RTLS Player

RTLS Player not only enables the replaying of data to evaluate system performance but also the remote updating of the settings to optimize the performance.



Sensmap is a real-time visualization tool that gives you an overview of what’s happening in your facility, even if you are miles away. It features Virtual Zones setup, Geofencing, Alerting and Notifications, real-time asset tracking, trajectory recording, and anchors deployment – all shown within your building plan.

SAGE Analytics
SAGE Analytics

SAGE Analytics

Sage analytics is a tool for your pilot or PoC that empowers you to turn location data into valuable insights by presenting and analyzing tracking results through trajectory maps, heatmaps, spaghetti diagrams and advanced zone data. For a full project analytics we will recommend you the best-fit solution from our partners.

Advanced RTLS Solutions from Our Partners 

CEIT Ella Platform

Our partners offer multiple advanced RTLS solutions to meet the exact use case as tailored to a particular industry and need. From a digital twin to production control, please contact us so we can recommend the best fit for you.

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Sewio Portal

Sewio Portal

Sewio Portal is a single point of contact used for managing and monitoring projects, registering leads, downloading the latest software, getting insight on the technology and managing mutual partnerships.

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SEWIO RTLS Communication

The Sewio indoor tracking system uses ultra-wideband technology and an ultra-wideband (UWB) spectrum to provide precise positioning. These are the three communication steps:

  1. To be tracked, the entity is equipped with a tag that sends out a UWB signal to anchors for its localization.
  2. The anchors use UWB signals to synchronize among themselves.
  3. Lastly, the data gathered by the anchors is sent to the RTLS Server for calculating the precise position of the tagged entity – in most projects, this is done via Ethernet cables, but it can be also sent wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

For more details on how the position of the tag is calculated, please see the Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) and Two Way Ranging (TWR) calculation schemes.

The Quickest Way to Start with Indoor Tracking: The UWB RTLS Kit

Test drive your digitalization real-time location project with our RTLS UWB Starter Kit. It has all the components and software you need to build a proof of technology or small pilot project. The plug-and-play RTLS UWB TDoA Kit can be set up easily in less than one hour and is fully backed up by our guidesvideo tutorials and documentation. All the contents of the kit, including the software license, can later be reused within your full project – you just need to add more anchors and tags to scale your area coverage and the number of tracked objects.

  • Delivery within one week, installation in one hour

  • Content fully reusable in your actual project

  • Scalability of both the area coverage and number of tracked objects

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UWB RTLS KitTags and Anchors

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Sewio has provided us with a system that can identify and locate people and vehicle reliably. The technologies we had used up until now had always failed. The high quality of detection and positioning accuracy makes the Sewio solution very suitable in environments with high-security needs. In the world of access control and security, in which our company operates, it is vital to have reliable information. Sewio has a configurable platform that guarantees results at the highest levels. A final aspect of primary importance is the availability and competency of the assistance service provided by Sewio during the design and configuration of the system, with competent and professional technicians.”

Luigi Proietti
Owner of Proietti Tech

Luigi Proietti