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3 Fresh Recordings About RTLS You Need to See and Hear

By Lubomir Mraz | May 15th, 2020 | 3 min read

The recent months and the lockdown brought not only new opportunities into the RTLS industry but also great content to watch and learn from for you to come back to daily work empowered with the latest indoor tracking trends – informed by the real-life wins and fails others have witnessed on their way to digital heroism.

1. “10 Epic Fails of Location Tracking” by Jussi Kiviniemi; 39 mins.

Charismatic, funny, open and real-life information packed – that’s how we describe Jussi’s educational talk at WLPC Phoenix 2020 which was published recently on YouTube. Never heard about CHEAPO and index and why they are important for RTLS projects? Time to learn from Jussi from Mist Systems as he reveals his RTLS experience in an upbeat way, unique to him:

  • Understanding Wi-Fi Accuracy
  • The real total cost of ownership (TCO) of RTLS
  • Ten Epic Wi-Fi RTLS Fails
  • Bonus at the end: UWB in Action by Milan Simek

2. “Ultra-Wideband and You” by Stephen Cooper; 30 mins.

If you ever need to know all the fundamentals about UWB technology in half an hour, the following video should be your first choice. With Stephen’s agreement, we would just need to add the Sewio logo to make his presentation an inevitable part of our own training, which is, by-the-way online, and free for all Sewio partners. Stephen from Mist has prepared a great introduction to UWB that covers:

  • What does the news from Apple concerning UWB mean for the RTLS market?
  • How does UWB technology work?
  • What are the use cases meant for UWB?
  • A walkthrough of UWB technology – its spectrum, radio regulation, mitigation techniques and ranging algorithms (TWR, AoA/PDoA, TDoA)
  • What are the different UWB products out there for location/asset tracking?
  • Where is the future of UWB technology heading?

3. “WiFiNinjas Podcast: UWB RTLS – Sewio with Petr Sedlacek and Jussi Kiviniemi” hosted by Mac Deryng and Matt Starling;1 hour, 25 mins.

In this podcast, Mac is asking all the right questions in a flow and order that completes the full story of UWB-powered RTLS. Still, it is not a two-man show by Mac and Petr as Jussi and Matt are adding real-life examples from their own career experiences as well as jokes here and there, keeping you entertained in a podcast a bit longer than the Wi-Fi Ninjas usually do. Here’s what you will be guided through:

  • What does Apple’s UWB U1 chip mean for the UWB landscape?
  • What is the accuracy and refresh rate of UWB, compared to BLE?
  • What is the current standardization of UWB?
  • How do commonly used techniques, such as TWR/TDoA/AoA, work?
  • Which different backhauls can be used with UWB RTLS?
  • What exactly is RTLS Planner – the tool streamlining the deployment and helping keep the cost low?
  • How can UWB RTLS leverage an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure?
  • What is the difference and usage in and for directional anchors?
WiFiNinjas Podcast - UWB RTLS-2

About the Author:

Lubomir is a CTO and Co-founder at Sewio Networks.