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Open Sniffer For 802.15.4, Zigbee, 6lowpan

Feature-rich Analyzer For Zigbee / 6lowpan / 802.15.4 Networks And Iot Devices

Internet of Things devices and wireless sensor networks becoming a wide spread technologies. Majority of these networks are based on IEEE 802.15.4, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, Wireless Hart and ISA100.11a standards. The ability to capture and analyze communication over the air is extremely important for the purposes of development, deployment and testing process.

The Open Sniffer is an analyzer device which is dedicated to those tasks. It provides multiplatform, time-precise packet analysis, operates among quad bands (780MHz China / 868MHz EU / 915MHz US / 2.4GHz World Wide) and can be accessible remotely. Open Sniffer acts as a probe which captures 802.15.4 frames over the air and forward them to remote host computer where they are further decoded and visualized in Wireshark.

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Open Sniffer Features

Open sniffer is completely open. Everything form pcb layouts to latest firmware is available. Apart from commercial sniffers you don’t have to go through the painful process of the product activation and reactivation in case when you connect sniffer to another computer.
Open Sniffer feeds captured data to Wireshark. Wireshark is the exceptional open source industry-standard software for analyzing wired and wireless networks. User of the Open Sniffer can gain from its speed, cross-platform support, quality, community and easy expansibility.
Open sniffer as the first sniffer ever supports following bands 2.4GHz WorldWide and 780MHz China / 868MHz EU / 915MHz USA & Australia.
Open sniffer is designed from the beginning to achieve very precise timestamp of captured frames. Timestamp resolution is in the order of microseconds.
Open sniffer use the Ethernet communication interface. User can configure the sniffer remotely via embedded web interface or programmatically via simple HTTP interface.
With the Open Sniffer user does not need to cope with driver installation as it is in case of USB based analysers. Open Sniffer can be integrated very easily to any operating system which is supported by Wireshark. Currently, there is support for most common operating system such as Windows, Linux, etc.

Open Sniffer supports traditional TCP/IP protocol set. Therefore, integration with ubiquitous IP infrastructure is easy. Sniffer can be placed basically anywhere.

Most USB sniffers are limited to 5m of cable length. Open Sniffer can communicate directly up to 100m moreover user may use the TCP/IP infrastructure.
Open Sniffer can be used as activity analyzer (energy detection) among available channels. This is provided for all bands 780/868/915MHz and 2.4GHz.
Open Sniffer supports continuous transmission mode where sniffer can send selected wave or packet to the air continuously. This can be used for testing for example where part of the wireless network needs to be jammed in order to force network to reorganizing itself.
Open Sniffer can be easily and quickly updated via Ethernet. This can be used in order to update software to the latest version or for development of your own firmware.


  • Sewio released beta version of Python library for Open Sniffer. It includes all necessary API for control Open Sniffer including Injection mode. This feature is particularly useful for IoT developers during testing. Find more here.
  • Open Sniffer is newly supported in Ubiqua packet analyser. The software which boost its capabilities to decode following protocols: Zigbee including application profiles, ZigBee Light Link, ZigBee Green Power PopNet, ZigBee RF4CE, SynkroRF and IETF 6LowPAN. Here you can find more details.

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