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RTLS Studio 1.6 is here!

RTLS Studio 1.6 Released!

As the RTLS market evolves, projects get bigger, more complex and often cover niche-use cases that neither customers nor vendors had ever thought about. To be able to address these needs, RTLS has had to continuously move the market’s boundaries.  That’s why increasing scalability and performance to provide a high ROI for our customers are the main driving forces behind the product strategy and development of the latest Sewio release. Newly added presence detection and multicore processing support are just two of the items from the full feature list, so read more to find out why we believe RTLS Studio 1.6 is our most scalable RTLS yet!

Meet Sewio RTLS 1.6

New Sewio Logo and Logotypes

We were using the same logo from 2014 when Sewio was born working on its first project for European Space Agency. Since that time, we have realized that to maintain the identity and clarity of vision and building a truly global brand we needed to update the logo and prepare reusable patterns from a visual perspective.

Our passion and the cornerstone of our business is the technology. Therefore, it was the actual logo usage on the hardware what was the main driver to its update. We wanted to create our own symbol for the world of real-time location systems, just as almost everyone on the planet knows “rainbow apple” as a synonym for mobile devices and laptops. Therefore, we made symbol the main part of the new in-house developed logo. 

Please start using our new logo, all the necessary source files are available at the logotypes page. The partner badges can be found at Partner Portal.

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New Partner Section at

We have just released new partner section on our website. The main aim of the section is to provide an easy way for prospect customers to find the right partner in terms of their knowledge, expertise, and geography to deliver Sewio RTLS. Therefore, leveraging the traffic of our website to generate leads for our valued partners.

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