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Mobility Becomes a Must have for Remote Operations

Control Global: Mobility Becomes a Must-have for Remote Operations

Control Global has published an article by Jim Montague on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the deployment of mobile technologies in the industrial environment.

In the article, he describes that while just a few months ago, the use of these technologies in companies was rather a voluntary advantage, now it is becoming a necessity. He relies on the experience of Dan Malyszko, Director of Operations at Sewio’s Bronze partner Malisko Engineering.

Keeping employees safe often means working remotely. However, for many processes, this option is impossible, and, therefore, companies have to introduce technologies that allow them to monitor the movement of personnel and prevent the possible threat of the closure of the entire operation.

Malyszko already has extensive experience with indoor-tracking solutions for mobile assets. Now, he confirms that during the pandemic, the demand for contact-tracing technologies has increased rapidly. In this case, UWB-based technology, due to its high accuracy, is the best option available on the market.

Control Global is a respected online magazine serving the information needs of engineering, operations and management personnel who maintain and optimize the process automation industry.

You can find the original version of the article here.


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Petr Passinger is the CMO at Sewio, a vendor of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor positioning. He was formerly working for Oracle-NetSuite as a Senior Product Manager and at Kentico, where he made his way from support to marketing, product management and sales. Before working for Kentico, he studied at universities in the Czech Republic and Thailand. Petr founded two not-for-profit environmental initiatives — “Trees for Bugs” and “Dance for Trees.”