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RFID Journal: RTLS Brews Up Benefits for Historic Czech Republic Beer

RFID Journal published an article about the logistical solution, powered by Sewio real-time location system and delivered by ICZ, that made global beer producer Budweiser Budvar’s factory’s logistics system more efficient.

The article goes on to describe the indoor tracking solution, which uses anchors and UWB tags along with barcode scans to accurately track pallets. Each returnable pallet can be located and tracked, ensuring accuracy during shipping and receiving, thereby reducing stockpile of pallets. Ultimately, their logistics facility achieved a more systematic and streamlined delivery and vehicle-loading system.

The results from this indoor forklift tracking solution were significant; not only did Budvar report a more accurate and efficient logistics system, but warehouse utilization grew by 19% and they were able to cut maintenance costs substantially.

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