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Indoor Tracking RTLS UWB Wi-Fi Kit

3,500.00 excl. VAT

Start to locate and track indoors wirelesly with the RTLS UWB Wi-Fi Kit

The kit brings all you need to start building your smart project requiring precise real-time location data and accurate indoor positioning. The RTLS UWB Kit combines hardware components, based on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Decawave module, and RTLS Studio Software. The hardware and software license included in the kit can later be fully reused in your actual project.

Key Features

  • Coverage of an area of
    400 m2 (4,305 sq ft)

  • A true 360° omnirange UWB anchor

  • Wirelessly rechargeable tags with a prolonged battery life of up to five years

  • Scalability of both the area coverage and the number of tracked objects

  • Wireless anchors with a
    Wi-Fi backhaul

  • Support for calculating the height (Z-axis)

  • Industry ready housing of the Leonardo Asset tag and the full sensor-packed Leonardo IMU tag

  • A lead time of one week and one hour for installation

You will be ready to locate and track four objects over a 400 m2 area within 60 minutes. Please see the video tutorial for installing the RTLS UWB Kit or follow the installation guide. The Kit also includes one month of implementation support.

Product Description

The RTLS WiFi kit is a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution, coming with preconfigured hardware components, indoor tracking software and complete accessories. The kit features four UWB tags for tracking objects: two Leonardo iMU and two Leonardo Asset tags.

The kit also includes five USB-to-PoE converters to power the anchors from common power banks. The RTLS Studio Software enables fast deployment, commissioning, wireless configuration and monitoring services as well as the Sage Analytics tool for location data analytics.

RTLS Studio Software Demo License

The kit comes with an RTLS Studio Software license covering five Anchors and featuring the following:

  • Full accessibility to RTLS Studio tools
  • RTLS Manager for reliable system deployment and configuration
  • A geofencing tool with Zone watch
  • An Open API for easy data access
  • Real-time movement visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Location data analytics – SAGE Analytics

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

Software Licence

Sewio software is licensed per anchor and the RTLS UWB Wi-Fi Kit which comes with five Anchors including also five software licenses covering these anchors. This means that the RTLS UWB Wi-Fi Kit includes a ready-to-use software you need to fully run the system.

Also, you can reuse the kit hardware as well as the software license in an actual project.  If your project will need 10 Anchors you can reuse all five anchors as well all five software licenses from your kit and purchase only the remaining five anchors.

The software license includes RTLS Studio SW featuring also Sage RTLS Analytics.

Package Content

  • 5x Anchor Vista OmniLight
  • 2x Tag Leonardo iMU
  • 2x Tag Leonardo Asset
  • 1x Wi-Fi Access Point
  • 1x Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Black
  • 2x Coin BAT-CR2477/Panasonic 1000 mAh
  • 5x Wall Mount Bracket for Anchors
  • 5x Anchor Holder
  • 5x USB-to-PoE Converter
  • 5x UTP 5E 0.25 m Black
  • 1x Case Wisent
  • 1x RTLS Studio Software license (covering five Anchors)
  • Access to documentation, tutorials and complimentary support