//CB Insights Listed Sewio between 48 Tech Startups Transforming Warehousing

CB Insights, predictive data analytics company, has published a new infographic ilustrating the Warehouse of the Future. Sewio is together with 48 Tech startups companies identified as warehousing transformers. 

Market leading retailers aim to save millions by optimizing warehouse operations, increasing efficiency. CB Insights, is mentioning a massive investment by Amazon to warehouse robot maker also plans of Walmart into supply-chain innovation.

Sewio has been listed in short outline of 48 Startups  which is focused on companies having a significant use case within the physical warehouse. All mentioned startups together has been raised by approximately $900M in aggregate.

Companies participating on the Warehouse transformation has been divided into several categories, as for example Warehouse & inventory management software, Warehouse robots, Worker wearables and Packaging, On-demand warehouse space and Outsourced warehousing & fulfillment. Sewio together with Scandit is specialized on Indoor asset tracking


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