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Join us in fighting Covid-19

Sewio Offers Free Software and Consultancy to Fight Covid-19

We have joined the global efforts to fight the virus and support economies with our offer of free software and consultation to any company that wants to prevent the spread of infection and ensure they keep mission-critical operations running. By introducing “indoor smart quarantine”, together we can contribute to reducing the rate of infection of our mutual enemy.

See How Indoor Tracking Helps Fight the Virus

Top 8 Animated Use Cases to Increase Safety at Your Facility

From quicker mustering, through geofencing to creating a people-aware environment, Sewio RTLS helps to safeguard what is the most precious part of every company – its team members. Check out these animations we have prepared to show what are the proven employee location tracking scenarios that various industrial companies are already benefitting from.

Explore Eight Employee Tracking Scenarios

Real-time Asset Tracking Benefits Explained in 9 Animations

We know that the list of the top nine advantages of using asset tracking system is just the tip of the iceberg of possible scenarios that help production and logistic managers to plan, monitor and improve the efficiency of their processes. We have listed those industrial scenarios we see most often, so, check for yourself if we haven’t missed your project (or idea) for leveraging precise indoor tracking of your assets, tools, materials and production.

Discover Top Nine Asset Tracking Applications

Providing Navigation to the Visually Impaired with UWB Indoor Positioning

The latest project from our Gold partner Locatify makes us really proud of our technology and the usage our partner found and delivered it for. Together with an association for blind people, Locatify enabled indoor navigation for visually impaired people in a large 20,000-capacity indoor arena in London to make sure that visually impaired visitors find the shortest and safest way to their target seat.

Find out More About this Worthwhile Project

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