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Sewio’s latest infographics on digital transformation using RTLS2020-04-14T12:29:20+00:00
Sewio’s latest infographics on digital transformation using RTLS

[Infographics] Industry 4.0: Expectations vs. Reality

While employee safety is the most common requirement we’ve got in the last three years (36,2%), most of the completed projects are in the field of asset tracking (40,5%). While we might anticipate that analysts are the ones driving the digitalization process it is usually consultant who aspire to become a digital hero (17% vs. 5%). Check out our latest infographics bringing insights based on three years of data, answering the key question of what are the use cases that brought highly positive ROI in a single sheet.

To make it easier for you to share it, we have prepared two versions, poster and online version, in eleven languages – its highly likely that we cover your mother tongue as well!

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Revamped RTLS Platform Introduction

How can you introduce effectively how a real-time location system works in a short period of time while keeping the reader’s attention? We have tried to answer this by providing an interactive overview of the platform, a list of key benefits and a detailed description of each part of the platform.

What really is UWB RTLS?

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As our post Sewio Summit 2019 event survey showed, we reached a net promoter score of 89 points. That’s a terrific result that we are truly proud of. To make sure that we make the event even better for you in the spring of 2021, please help us by voting on the location and influence the program for next year. Your opinion matters to us, and we would love to hear your ideas!

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