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Project Description

Budweiser Budvar Replaces RFID with UWB by Sewio

Sewio RTLS Platform has proven reliability, precision and applicability into WMS.

Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation,
370 04 České Budějovice
Czech Republic

The logistics department of Budweiser Budvar is currently dealing with an ineffective logistics flow. Until now, Budvar used Passive RFID for intralogistic navigation, which in comparison to newer location technologies began to be obsolete, mainly because of operational costs, maintenance and running fees. The Czech company ICZ, specializing in integrated software systems, was searching for a solution that would help to improve the situation at the customer site.

Soon ICZ realized that they needed to gain a perfectly working RTLS with flawless real time-position data input for the warehouse management system, to develop a time and costs saving system. That is why ICZ turned to Sewio with a specific appeal for UWB technology for object tracking and its integration into their WMS called Osiris.

Pilot Project Realization in Fully Operating Warehouse  

Sewio offered to make a pilot project to prove the UWB technology reliability in a harsh industrial environment as well as to illustrate the platform´s benefits. Acceptance of the pilot was immediate, provided they met several requirements. The Sewio team had to manage the installation during full warehouse operation and present a result all within a very short amount of time.

These challenging conditions led our engineers to an unexpected result. Installation had to be simple, fast and the most difficult part was, that it had to be completely wireless, due to the impossibility to build wire infrastructure. That is why Sewio applied the RTLS TDoA Wi-Fi Kit which is only using a Cisco Access point for wireless data transfer instead of an Ethernet cabling infrastructure. Other obstacles were the Anchor protection and continuous power supply. Both were solved by using an extra housing. The Anchor´s protection was assured by covering them with an extra IP67 industrial housing leaving enough space to insert a battery pack with a sufficient capacity, so that the Anchors could last operational for at least 48 hours.

The installed RTLS TDoA Wi-Fi Kit covered one of the busiest parts of the warehouse of approximately 200 square meters. During the pilot project, Sewio mounted 3 industrial tags on forklifts roofs for their position tracking.


Sewio Presented Convincing Results and WMS Compatibility

Sewio RTLS TDoA Wi-Fi Kit has run automatically without any recharging and additional interventions for two and half days. The forklift´s location identification and position tracking have been surprisingly accurate for such a demanding environment. After pilot realization, Sewio prepared productivity report based on gathered location data for each forklift by using the SAGE Analytics tool.

Sewio Analyzing Forklifts Movement 

The Sage Analytics, a location data analytics software developed by Sewio, was applied to create an analysis of the realized pilot project. As you can see below, we present examples of results and metrics used for the pilot evaluation. Applied metrics determine and visualize the current logistics flow. The heat map demonstrates the busiest locations and to maps the forklift presence.

Sewio Budwieser 3

Based on results of the applied  Zones Occupancy Analysis we compared the forklifts´ activity and distances covered during specific shifts.

Sewio Budwieser 2

Using the Sage Analytics software tool, the overall traffic can be evaluated, which helps to discover bottlenecks and hotspots. The combination of UWB technology for precise position tracking and location data analytics offers more possibilities depending on the individual use case. Try a free demo of Sage Analytics.

The gallery below contains selected metrics created by our Sage Analytics software tool which we applied to analyse and evaluate the logistics flow during the Budweiser Budvar pilot project.

The UWB technology proved its reliability. Based on these superior results Sewio got an offer to replace the current RFID system and equip the entire warehouse of Budweiser Budvar Brewery since the customer was excited with the results. The positioning technology by Sewio proved its reliability and the possibility to provide a constant real-time data transfer complying with the needs of WMS. Enhanced with location data the WMS system will this way easily confirm the correct location for loading and unloading the cargo and possibly even for navigating forklifts to their correct destination in the future.

Are you interested in pioneer RTLS technology replacing RFID? Learn more in the Technology Comparison section or contact us.


Budweiser Budvar is a Czech brewery in the city of ?eské Bud?jovice. It has long been one of the most successful beverage companies in the Czech Republic. In 2016, the brewery produced over 1.6 million hectolitres of beer, 60% of which was exported to 80 countries around the world. Budweiser Budvar participates in the total beer export from the Czech Republic by about one-fourth.

Are you interested in pioneer RTLS technology replacing RFID? Learn more in Technology Comparison section or contact us.