//Industrial location tracking at International Engineering Fair (MSV)

The International Engineering Fair (MSV) is the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe. This year is  participation reaching more than 1 600 exhibitors and 75 000 visitors from 59 countries worldwide. All nine of the key specialist sectors of the engineering industry are very well represented.

The main focus of MSV 2017 is measuring, control, automation and regulation technology. The exhibitors within four busy days from 9.10. to 13.10. are introducing robots, modern industrial machinery for automation and the most advanced industrial technologies.

Movement digitization as one of the key technologies of Industry 4.0 is well presented at the fair. You can find RTLS UWB based location technology applied for material flow and intralogistics movement digitization. The specific applications of Location technology by Sewio is introduced by Czech companies EPRIN and Foxconn4Tech.

Sewio cooperates with EPRIN on applying UWB based Location technology for automatic identification and improving the process of material handling. The Foxconn 4Tech, an innovative division of Foxconn integrates Sewio technology to own complex industry 4.0 solution.

We invite you to visit EPRIN and Foxconn4Tech at International Engineering Fair. Experience live demo of SEWIO technology transforming process visibility by real-time movement digitization.

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