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Cisco and Sewio partner to bring UWB technology to the global market2019-11-07T12:36:19+00:00
Cisco and Sewio partner to bring UWB technology to the global market

Sewio Partners with Cisco Systems to Enable Precise Localization

Sewio has partnered with Cisco to introduce a new product “UWAPO” that integrates Sewio’s ultra-wideband (UWB) anchor into Cisco’s access point to enable Cisco customers to start precise localization of objects easily without the need to invest into new infrastructure.

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Sewio Networks Awarded Deloitte Fast 50

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2019 “Technology Fast 50 Award” by Deloitte. With over a 1285% revenue growth, Deloitte rates us as the third fastest-growing technology company in the Czech Republic and ninth in the Central Europe region. This success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners and clients. We want to express a big thanks to all of our partners and customers, as it is you who stand behind this success.

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Introducing RTLS Studio 2.1

The latest RTLS Studio, version 2.1, is focused on bringing in higher flexibility and customizability for mid- to large-scale localization projects driven by real-life in-field experiences from our partners. The main features include:

  1. Zone watch: Advanced zone settings for higher reliability
  2. Decentralized configuration of anchors
  3. Built-in DHCP server
  4. Invalid Positions Logging
The 4 Main Features Explained

Ensuring Production Quality by Tracking the Z-axis

Material flow, asset tracking and safety are the most common use cases for indoor tracking within industry. So, we are more than glad to be able to share with you a not-so-common and, therefore, groundbreaking use case for leveraging RTLS and the Z-axis in particular. It is Novoplan – a German-based coating company – which uses Sewio RTLS not only for digitizing the production process but enhancing its quality management. Thanks to QUALIGON’s work, Novoplan monitors the time that every product spends within each production phase, including the time needed for proper coating/galvanization (this is where it is necessary to know the Z-axis to see how long the product was immersed for) – all to ensure the best possible quality for each product.

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