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Four Things That Spring to Mind From Sewio

RFID-Powered Forklift Tracking Replaced with SEWIO RTLS at Budweiser Budvar

In many use cases, RFID and RTLS technologies complement each other, but the Budweiser brewery’s forklift tracking project required accuracy and reliability, both outdoor and indoor, that couldn’t be matched using RFID. This time, with multiple self-explanatory pictures, our latest case study tells the story of why Budweiser Budvar decided to replace RFID with Sewio RTLS, which resulted in 25% better system uptime and better utilization of the warehouse by 19%.

See the Photos and Read the Story

$25 Visa Gift Card for Approved Gartner Peer Insights Customer Reviews

At Sewio, unbiased reviews such as the ones submitted via Gartner Peer Insights are extremely valuable to us, helping us to shape our strategy and the roadmap of our product and our service delivery. Please share your feedback and write a review on Gartner Peer Insights about your experience with Sewio. Gartner verifies that the identities of the reviewers are end customers of the reviewed solution, but the reviews are anonymous, and the survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

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RTLS Studio 2.0 Demo Available Online

Back in January 2019, we released RTLS Studio 2.0, bringing eight key features to speed up RTLS deployment and cut its implementation and maintenance costs. This week, we have made version 2.0 available also online at a new subdomain of our Sewio website ( As we want to keep the evaluation process as easy as possible, no registration is needed to join the demo. The Sensmap application includes sample data for logistics (warehouse and storage), employee location tracking, shopping cart tracking in retail and sports analytics on a basketball court.

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Help Us To Let the World Know About Sewio RTLS

As with every innovative technology, it takes some 5 to 10 years before mainstream adoption starts to take off. Indoor location systems are no exception, and as the market evolves, different qualitative data analysis is being populated by the vendors and their reviews, and we want to be part of it! That’s why we want to ask all of our customers and partners who have something to say about our products and services to see the following list summarizing where to review, rate or follow Sewio.

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3 Unexpected Real-Time Location System-Driven IoT Solutions

  • How tracking of cows helps to lower antibiotics in your steak?
  • How to create a VR training that never obsoletes?
  • How to follow the path of the go-karts champion?

Although the following three use cases might not be the main business drivers in RTLS industry, they are great icebreakers.

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