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IPIN 2016

By Klara Smetanova | September 22th, 2016 | 2 min read

An Upcoming significant event for the world of indoor positioning. IPIN 2016 is a seventh edition of international conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation. This event will be held in the University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain.

Sewio is attending this event as a visitor and to present newest upgrades of Entrprise Location Platform. Meet Milan Simek at the event.

Locating devices in indoor environments have become a key issue for many emerging location-based applications in different fields. However, contrary to what usually happens outdoors with well-developed GNSS technology, nowadays there is no overall and easy solution.

Despite a large-scale deployment of such location systems is not available yet, this strategic topic is called to lead technological innovations of great impact on the daily activities of people in the coming years, in areas such as health and independent living, leisure, security, etc.

IPIN conference welcomes participants from academic and industrial backgrounds, this conference has been an excellent forum to bring together researchers, developers and service providers in positioning and indoor navigation.

The keynote speakers are:

Prof. Moe Win, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Title: Location, location, and location!

Dr. Thomas Burgess,, Austria
Title: Indoor Navigation: The Crowd is the future – Crowd learning for indoor positioning.

During conference  many academic papers focusing on following topics will be presented.

Highlighted topics:

  • TOF, TDOA based Localization
  • Indoor Spatial Data Model & Indoor Mobile Mapping
  • Passive & Active RFID
  • Novel uses of maps and 3D building models
  • Localization, Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Sewio is attending IPIN 2016 conference to learn about technological progress, new inovations and also to present RTLS technology developed by Sewio: The Enterprise Location Platform for digitization of indoor movement. Sewio continues establising partnerships and coopeartions with universities and business partners and system integrators.



Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain


From 4th till 7th of October 2016

More info about IPIN

A part of IPIN 2016 Conference is Indoor Localization Competition

The competition is aimed at bringing together the academic and industrial research communities for evaluating different approaches and envisioning new research opportunities for the indoor localization area, where no accepted standards exist yet.


About the Author:

Klara Smetanova is the Marketing Specialist at Sewio networks responsible for various marketing activities from Events, through Social Media to Campaigns and Copywriting. Prior to joining Sewio Klara worked for Apprise, WeGoluck technology and AIESEC.