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Sewio in Computer – Specialized Magazine for IT Profesionals

Magazine Computer, Czech printed and online medium and it´s specialized section for IT professionals, Connect is dedicated to newest technologies and trends in industrial development.  The latest issue October 2015 is focusing to the safety in industrial operations, factories and logistics. Article number 1. is describing safety at workplace and its connection with Industry 4.0 Revolution and the importance of real time location systems for workplace safety which is expanding.

Technology which gives machines ability to react like having human senses.  Industry 4.0 revolution is bringing not only more efficient operation to manufactories but more important, can prevent injuries and accidents happening at workplace. The article is focusing on following topics: 

  • Number of injuries at workplace is getting higher
  • Safety supported by Virtual Zones
  • How location data protect workers
  • Expansion of indoor location systems

Find more about safety at workspace in logistic.


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