///Real Time Movement Digitization and Sewio in Eulog Logistics Portal

Real Time Movement Digitization and Sewio in Eulog Logistics Portal

Eulog,  a czech information portal for logistic, has recently published an article mentioning Sewio:

Real Time Digitization of Movement – Key Technology for Implementation of Industry 4.0

The article focuses on technologies for smart warehousing and more effective logistic flow, describes how these technologies can improve workspace safety. The article explains properties of UWB technology and its use for real-time locationing for logistics purposes.  Explains possibilities  and advantages which brings connection of RTLS and RFID.

Find out more about:

  • Why are big corporations investing billions into tracking systems? Digitization of motion for operation optimization is becoming reality.
  • Explanation of Spacious accuracy and scalability based on UWB radio technology
  • Connection of RTLS and RFID bringing effective logistics process to factories and smart warehousing
  • RTLS improves workspace safety and lowers accident rate at workplace
  • Connection of technologies provided by system integrators

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