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UWB Sniffer Firmware Upgrade

Packet Analyzer For 802.15.4a UWB Technology

Attention! Be sure that your power supply is stable.

Firmware upgrade procedure

  1. Download and install LM Flash Programmer.
  2. Connect UWB Sniffer to your host PC via Ethernet cable.
  3. Configure host network adapter, IP address and network mask
  4. Disable all other network interfaces (WiFi, etc).
  5. Run LM Flash Programmer as an Administrator.
  6. LM Flash Programmer -> Configuration panel -> Quick Set -> set Manual Configuration.
  7. LM Flash Programmer -> Interface -> select Ethernet.
  8. LM Flash Programmer -> Client IP Address and Client MAC Address put settings from the UWB Sniffer homepage.
  9. LM Flash Programmer -> Ethernet Adapter select the host’s network interface where UWB Sniffer is connected in (should start with
  10. LM Flash Programmer -> Program tab -> Browse (point to firmware bin file)
  11. LM Flash Programmer -> Click on the Program button


Note: Firmware upgrade process starts after some delay (up 60 sec) if it is done for the first time.


  • LM Flash Programmer is available only for Windows platform. Please use free and legal Windows XP virtual machine (directly from Microsoft) for other platform. Here you can find installation tutorial.
  • Enable LM Flash Programmer on your firewall. Add to your firewall exception for “LMFlash.exe”.
  • If you clicked to the Program button and nothing happened, try to disable all network adapters except interface connected to UWB Sniffer.
  • If error message with “**ERROR**: Problem starting the BOOTP server“ appears, you have launched DHCP server (or any other service on port 67) on your host. You need to stop the service.
  • In case that you have lost the Ethernet connection: click on the Abort button, restart UWB Sniffer (plug off/on power cable) and try again to click on the Program button.