Videos and Tutorials

Digitization of Ice Hockey Players

Sewio’s RTLS platform was used to precisely digitize the movement of hockey players in a real hockey match. The SAGE Analytics tool was later used to provide valuable statistics based on the captured location and sensor data.

Digitization of Basketball Players

Sports researchers from Palacky University have integrated Sewio Location Platform into the testing hall for indoor ball games where it is providing athletes’ movement tracking and real-time location for deeper movement research.

Real-time Location Platform

As the concept of Industry 4.0 transforms manufactory into Digital Enterprise, Sewio is stepping into the new year 2017 with the aim to provide highly precise location data for any digitization-driven project. Introducing the Real-time Location Platform, the fundamental technology for movement digitization.

Zones Geo-Fencing

Sewio presents The Zones Geofencing. The location-based service intensively enhancing the Sewio Real-time Location Platform by powerful capabilities as the notification trigger based on the object real-time position.