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ST Magazine Wrote about Us: Sewio Contributes to Industry 4.0 Revolution by Location Technology

Showroom and workshop will show how it works.

Digitization of movement is one of the important parts of the Industry 4.0. Brno´s company Sewio is developing promising solutions in this area. You can experience how this technology works at the workshop in Brno JIC and also in Olomouc new National Center of promoting a healthy lifestyle and a physical activity BALUO.

Sewio Networks is a young company from Brno with a strong potential and even greater ambitions. This company develops unique wireless Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) technology which is used for indoor vehicle tracking, machinery control and worker´s movement all in real time.“We are increasing accuracy, simplifying installation, so Sewio can offer reliable localization platform ready for additional development of other specialized applications and services“ mentions co-founder Milan Simek. Up to now Sewio found the greatest business potential for use in following sectors: manufacture, logistics, retail and sport.

Sewio Applies RTLS Platform in Various Industry Sectors All Around the World

Current customers of Sewio are using RTLS platform for optimization throught indoor equipment tracking and staff and vehicles tracking. This way companies are able to find easy way to improve safety and reduce loss caused by human errors and to prevent frequent collisions in the warehouse and production areas (e.g. forklifts collisions prevented by forklift tracking and employee location tracking).

Industry Locationing

In logistics Sewio is progressing farther with his partner from USA they are working on development of smart glasses with a build-in navigation technology which effectively reduces the error rate of warehouse workers.

Retail is another area where location data brings revolutionizing potential. After installing Sewio´s hardware devices in shopping area and fixing individual locators on shopping carts is is possible to generate accurate data revealing customer behavior that serves as a valuable database for other applications used for marketing and sales strategies. One of the partner of Sewio in Italy is now able to create accurate maps of customer motion. 

 Precise indoor localization can bring very valuable data describing physical performance of professional athletes used for further analysis but indoor localization has commercial application in an entertainment industry. For example, RTLS technology is newly used for monitoring indoor go karts arena in Germany.

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Vision of Sewio

In the future Sewio is planning to expand its partnership network worldwide, also make new contacts and deepen the cooperation which has already come into being with system integrators, technology companies developing other possible applications for RTLS technology. The aims to establish a new subsidiary in Germany and in a few years even in the United States and become global player in the field of innovative technologies. Furthermore, Sewio wants to continue expanding cooperation with universities and talented students.

Find out live how indoor localization technology works in real time! Sewio in conjunction with JIC launches interactive educational workshop, which introduces practical use and approaches the localization platform to candidates. The event takes place July 19th JIC building INMEC on Purky?ova 127 Brno.  Visitors will be able to try everything – from wiring to evaluation. Sewio will look forward to all candidates, companies and entrepreneurs in the areas of digitization, IT, RFID, IoT and Industry 4.0. Registration available on

In cooperation with Palacky University in Olomouc, BALUO Application Centre prepared unique showroom, which presents the use of  monitoring athletes motion in real time. For more information  see on