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Sewio Newsletter | Zones Geo-Fencing, RTLS TDoA Kit With Piccolino Tag

By Klara Smetanova | April 24th, 2017 | 2 min read

Sewio Presents Zones Geo-Fencing Software

Indoor Location-based service enhancing the Real-time Positioning System


The Zones Geo Fencing is a new location-based service intensively enhancing the Sewio real-time positioning system by powerful capabilities as the notification trigger based on object real-time position.

The Zones Geo-Fencing allows monitoring and evaluation of overall equipment effectiveness in desired areas. The Zones Geo-Fencing improves the process visibility in logistics, warehouses, operation facilities and industrial enterprises. Moreover, it offers an application in Sports and Retail.

The Zones Geo-Fencing is enabling an easy setup of the variable virtual areas allowing to monitor movement and equipment activity related to object entry or exit to the given zone across the facility. The Zones Geo-Fencing is a powerful tool improving workplace safety precautions by setting up series of notifications in form of visual or acoustic alerts related to the real-time position.

The Zones Geo-Fencing feature is embedded to the RTLS Studio which allows an interactive handling through Sensmap as well as the definition of an unlimited number of zones with various attributes. The notifications of the zone and objects interaction are always displayed in Sensmap, also can be transferred to another system trough Open API to control another device.

The Zones Geo-Fencing reduces intralogistics blindspots, improves safety precautions by real-time notification triggers and mainly helps to evaluate equipment efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Strategic Partnership with Czech Company ICZ

We proudly announce a new strategic partnership with Czech company ICZ.
ICZ is one of the leading players in the Central European region who offers integrated software and web solutions including a custom-made application development, and information protection and security projects.
Sewio established the technologically innovative partnership with ICZ´s division specialized on the Distribution and Provision of Logistics Services. ICZ is working on the integration of the RTLS location Platform into their specialized warehouse management system in order to provide a better precision and efficiency for warehouses.

Warehousing as a New Application Sector for RTLS

Thanks to our strategic cooperation with ICZ we have opened warehousing as next application sector for RTLS. Sewio and ICZ are intensively working on a cooperation aiming to offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for warehouse management systems (WMS).

Start to Locate and Track Real-time with Smallest Piccolino Tag

The Piccolino Newly Included in RTLS TDoA Kit

The RTLS TDoA Kit is simply the best start for any indoor location based project. Newly, we include the Piccolino Tag into our RTLS TDoA Kit to let our customers experience tracking objects with our smallest Tag, the Piccolino.
The Piccolino Tag in the RTLS Kit comes as OEM version to let the user decide which enclosure suits to their application best. Thanks to its´ tiny dimensions the Piccolino Tag features many ways of integration and variability of attaching.
We present new custom enclosures for the Piccolino Tag. If you are interested in a housing for the Piccolino Tag contact us with any custom enclosure request.


The RTLS TDoA Kit comes with  5 Anchors which reliably cover an area of 400 square meters area, 3 active Li-ion Tags, 1 Piccolino Tag OEM version and all required accessories for service.

Our RTLS TDoA Kit is fully scalable in an area and in the number of devices. That makes the RTLS Kit an ideal start for any indoor location pilot project requiring precise real-time positioning.



About the Author:

Klara Smetanova is the Marketing Specialist at Sewio networks responsible for various marketing activities from Events, through Social Media to Campaigns and Copywriting. Prior to joining Sewio Klara worked for Apprise, WeGoluck technology and AIESEC.